Disabled my OKCUPID and said this:
"I am intimidated by this place as it’s more about dating and monogonormativity.
I don’t think this is a place where I can find friends and since starting uni I have some socializing and don’t really need this. thanks bye.”

I shouldve deleted it, dont know why I didnt, i think i wana screen shot some shit etc and then delete it when i have time.


Dear lost friend,
I hope you are getting better.



So, I got butterflies today. Don’t worry, my mood had improved prior to this happening. This person, they’re fun to be with, they take things lightheartedly, not an ounce of malice or ill will in them. They have this sense of innocence about them, and they’re like 20 y/o, which is surprising. Usually this world and its horrors consume peoples innocence and destroy it, leaving nothing but the abstract remains of what once was… erm any way…
I am pretty fucken sure they are crushing on me, so far I have come out as pansexual, and being hurt by homophobic slurs, they understand what effect the words have, and why it’s not a good idea to use them after I shared my experience with the words and what they did to me in becoming apart of denying my own non-straightness.
I haven’t told them I am polyamorous. I am not sure how to go about this, as I am aware that people can take it wrong (especially if they’re nescient and/or monogaconditioned). So I am worried about outing myself with them, I don’t want to be judged. I don’t want to be judged as some horrible person incapable of “commitment” and “real love”, nor do I want a burden to be on them, like, how will they explain this to their friends, family etc, esp if I start seeing them and another person on campus…. all dat messiness.
Fuck it. I can’t live in fear, and the air aught to be cleared as soon as possible.
Does this count as poly problems?

Yes it counts.

My favorite poly way to start hitting on people when I don’t know how they feel about poly is to be very extra obvious about being poly around them. If they’re already poly too, sometimes this can spark the right conversations. If they’re not, and they’re not interested in it, then you don’t have to bother with asking them out if you don’t want to.

yes! the most sound advise yet! I think I became to self conscious about being poly because of a recent negative experience and so I haven’t been so open.

As much as it burns me to admit this

for a while now I have sorta known this, but a main apart of my personal philosophy is basically individualism or voluntarism.

Weirdly enough I have a general distaste for other voluntarists and most individualists, and a general warm fuzzy feeling for collectivists and communists.

So yeah, I think I am back to, fuck you and your labels, I know whats right in my heart - the moment you tred on me you are mine and I can put a fucking hex on you or some shit.

“I think ill vote for the Gangsta Party this year”
— My friend Smoko (Sep 2014)

Pugception [marksingletree]

This is what happens under a pug supremacist regime.