Time to go protest some of that murder going on over in Palestine

Hey, wanna learn some binary from scratch?
Click the pretty picture above and it will direct you to a place that can help you <3


not sure how or where tumblr will fit into my new life situation.

I never understood why Minecraft made it so you could only stack items, etc, up to 64.
Some items they wanted to stack less, they would make it 16.
In previous versions, you could stack cookies up to 8 (prior to hunger bar).
The pattern I realized (after studying binary) was that they where counting in binary.
64 = 1000000
16 = 10000
8 = 1000

That’s so cool. shit I am learning in I.T keeps intersecting with things I like already! Fuck yeah I.T was probably the best choice of study for me! =)

(p.s what determines the size of 1TB and 1GB and 1MB is al making sens now also…)

I woke up, and realized it was past the time I was supposed to wake up because it wasn’t freezing cold.

I missed my first uni class, and it’s only been the first week, “problem solving” I text my friend to see what I missed. THEY STARTED BINARY TODAY, SOMEONE WAKE ME UP THIS DREAM SUCKS, IT’S 6:50AM I KNOW IT IS
*pinches self*
aww man.



chipsz asked:

Hi, I was wondering, how does one tell if their ideals of gender and identity are based around some weird ideas of what a women/man is/isn't? I am exploring my own identity surrounding gender and I think when I feel women, it might be based around some weird ideas I have about women. any help would be really appreciated. thnx



I can tell you 100% for certain that your ideas about gender and identity are absolutely based on weird ideas about what women and men are or aren’t. 

It’s absolutely impossible to grow up and not internalize some incredibly fucked up shit with regards to gender. 

Some things to understand going forward

  • men don’t have any one particular sort of body or appearance or personality or experience
  • women don’t have any one particular sort of body or appearance or personality or experience
  • nonbinary people don’t have any one particular sort of body or appearance or personality or experience
  • all you have to do to be [x thing] is identify as [x thing] provided you’re following the guidelines on this list [link]
  • it doesn’t matter what you “really are”. dispense with that question
  • instead ask “what identities/words are most useful to me”


Only now did I actually read this response (2 months later)
I found it coz someone from Ireland came from page 27 of this blog to my blog and statcounter told me!

Thank you Beck for the answer, I have been continuing my exploration and have come to some conclusions, and have chopped and changed what I felt comfortable/uncomfortable with.

If there is any words that I could use to best describe where I am at now, it would be Gender queer cis male. somewhat unsure about cis, but I was assigned “male”, yet I don’t feel I fit into the role like I am “supposed to”, either way, I’m not holding on too tight to these labels. I am what I am,