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jtem replied to your post “One time, I burnt the Israeli flag. If I ever do it again, I will be…”

The Palestinians are their own worst enemies. “How dare you bomb me after I fired rockets and mortars at you!” I agree that a Palestinian state is way overdue, but it’s up to them to want it more than they want killing.

I’d bet $100 that Israel would make up a terrorist organization so that it could continue it’s murder of the Palestinians.

On top of that, as far as I can see, Israel needs to fuck off, and the nations that support Israel and/or Zionism aught to give away a slice of their own territory to the people of the nation formally known as Israel for a new state that doesn’t revolve around imperialism and colonization.

But don’t they have an interest in destabilizing the middle east (etc) so it can be made more easier to exploit for resources?

Is there no solution but for the Palestinians to accept genocide on their knees, JTEM?

That’s just how I see it (so far), I know this is bigger then the both of us, sitting cozy on tumblr.

You’ve been heavily misinformed.

Google:  al-Nakba, “The catastrophe.”

According to the Palestinians, this is when a numerically superior Israeli force drove them off the land.  But, according to reality it’s when the Palestinians themselves TOGETHER with Egypt, Jordan & Syria declared a war of annihilation on Israel.

Get it?  A tiny Israel — much smaller than it is today, with no modern army — was facing war of annihilation from a vastly superior enemy, yet the Palestinians have completely flipped this.  They have reversed it.

Instead of a tiny Jewish state struggling against all odds just to exist, the Palestinians today insist that it was a militarily superior Israeli army engaging in ethnic cleansing.

That’s today.  That’s the narrative the Palestinians are spoon feeding you today.

And look at the current “Crisis.”  Three Israelis were kidnapped and murdered. Three of them.  The Palestinian authority did nothing. Then an Arab identified youth was kidnapped and murdered.  The Israelis arrest and prosecute his attackers.  In response, the Palestinians begin raining rockets & mortars on Israeli civilians… and when the Israelis strike back at Hamas, they pretend to be victims.

You don’t have to like the Israelis, you don’t have to agree with them but the fact is that the Palestinians are unworkable.

What do they want?  A Palestinian state in Gaza and the west bank?


They’re not fighting for a Palestinian state, they’re fighting against Israel.  They are literally AGAINST peace.  They don’t want peace.  They want “Victory.”

I will have to try the wikipedia articles I am compelled to cram in with my assignments and legal docs I’ve gotta critique. haha.

RE: Israeli’s murdered etc, did you blog about it? can you link me please? or any references/tags? would be appreciated.

Lastly, no Israeli/Palestine argument is complete without some sort of shit flinging, so fuck you, call me misled! haha, yeah I probably am tbh I’m pretty keen to learn all I can without being too emotional about it.

P.S aint non of this shit black and white.




This is true.

I don’t even know, but this is so relevant right now.

Replacement for ableist slurs





Come on, you know you want to use “befuddled” more.


When you break up the word ignorant in two, you get a better grasp on its true meaning Ignor-ant, ignor-ance. Ignorance =/= unaware.

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also why are people fucking obsessed with the illuminati when the jewish lobby is actually real and actually does real damage

like the reason politicians and some journalists run away from/spew propaganda in the face of questions about the israeli-palestinian conflict is because the jewish lobby will end their careers in literally two seconds

like my career as a tumblr.com blogger is over right now, goodbye friends

Someone I followed (now unfollowed, obviously) just recently posted this antisemitic garbage and I cannot describe my rage. Yeah, it’s totally the Jews, right? Definitely not the much more numerous and much more influential Evangelicals who believe that Israel is key to the second coming, right? Definitely not the waves of Islamophobia that have been created by The War on Terror, right? Just the Jews. Always the Jews.

Israel is doing so many horrible things but to cast that off on diaspora Jews, many of whom do not support Israel’s actions, is antisemitic and dangerous. This is the kind of thing that motivates hate crimes. This is vile.

What sucks is that if that person DOES RIGHTLY get called out for anti-semitism, they’ll just see it as evidence that the Jews are all conspiring to stamp out dissent instead of protecting ourselves. It never ends.

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Nakba Day (Arabic: يوم النكبة Yawm an-Nakba, meaning “Day of the Catastrophe”) is generally commemorated on 15 May, the day after the Gregorian calendar date for Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut). For the Palestinians it is an annual day of commemoration of the displacement that preceded and followed the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.

Interesting read. I still don’t think Israel has the right to exist, I don’t understand how Israel had the right to begin with - and no, I don’t believe that mandate from a bunch of foreigners (The League of Nations, then latter, the United Nations) is lawful, as they had no right to delegate something they didn’t have themselves.

Though my curiosity is raising especially in regards to how Palestine was not technically a nation at the time, but was on it’s way to complete self determination and what the situation was like with the concept of Israel at the time.
From what I gathered, Palestine was on its way but was thwarted by Israel, or undermined by Israel the LoN and UN

Originally I was painted this BS picture of Jews and Arabs living in perfect peace (which I don’t buy not for a fucking second) before Israel.

I have to learn about IBM for uni.
So here I am, at uni, reading awikipedia about it, getting goose bumps because of how huge and influential IBM is as a multinational corporation.

They fucking invented the AMT and the cards that go in it (along with all the other cards that are swipe-able), along with the floppy disk and the HDD. like woah.

Wonder how many elections they’ve rigged?

I think I can finally go to bed.Oh wait, I will make lunch for tomorrow, then go to bed.. uh so tired/

I think I can finally go to bed.
Oh wait, I will make lunch for tomorrow, then go to bed.. uh so tired/