When I wake up in the afternoon,
and my depression decides to strike,
no joy or beauty to assume,
a part of me has died.

the feeling in my chest
it’s like nothing could ever be fine,
makes me wanna slit my wrist,
my heart’s beating out of time.

no rhythm or motion to this dimension,
for yesterday I pine,
just chaos with no orderly intervention,
with only despair that stands in line.

By me, all rights reserved.

Don’t mix spells from different books but if you do at least exercise caution higher then usual.
Make your intent clear and pure. If there’s another involved, selfishness must be a no-show.

I am gender Neutral, AKA Neutrois.So much has happened in the past month+I need to update my “about”.

I am gender Neutral, AKA Neutrois.
So much has happened in the past month+
I need to update my “about”.

Drinking sav while bleaching the mold from my bathroom: #classy

Where do I even begin?
You’d think I’d have time to blog? not really ayy.
So many awesome people have come into my life as of late, and I am struggling big time to allocate time to them. being poly probably doesn’t help with my heart tugging me in different directions.. though amongst this, there is me, and time I need for me.

Aside from awesome people I want to see, there is so much work to be done! I want to read more about javaschript and codes! I want to learn more about politics! I want to read Law books and create legal documents, I want to interpret legislation so I can point out its absurdity! uuhh, and there is me among all this, me with needs, me with a body that needs attention.

With things I want to learn and people I want to see, there is also the things I aught to do, like get a scooter. For that I need to frequent trademe and find some deals. I also need a name to put the scooter under.. ahh the law comes in, “make your own trust” is what my mind tells me… among all this chaos of desire there is me, what will I do? who will I be?

fuuuuuuck. go to bed, so you can go to therapy tomorrow.

<3 you, I mean, me, I mean, I.


We said I love you to each other and now I just giggle like a little girl every second of my life.